Auto Accident Overview


Have you ever been in an automobile accident? If your answer is yes you are definitely not among the minority. Millions of car accidents occur each year and many result in serious injury or even death. Some accidents are due to pure circumstance of nature, such as extremely severe weather conditions. However, that does not account for the largest percentage of automobile accidents. The majority of automobile accidents that occur each year are due to:

  • Driver negligence
  • Blatant misconduct of the driver while operating a vehicle
  • Defects in the manufacturing of the automobile

When a driver is distracted and unfocused and his lack of concentration causes an automobile accident this is considered negligence. Negligence can include using a cell phone while driving, being unduly distracted by other passengers or by the radio, or not making proper adjustments for weather conditions. While negligence is unintentional, it is a careless act on the part of the driver that results in a collision.

While negligence is an unintentional act, blatant misconduct is a decided act on the part of the driver that endangers him and others. Another common name for this is reckless driving. When a driver knowingly ignores traffic signals, drives well above the posted speed limit, tailgates, or cuts in front of other drivers he is demonstrating a blatant disregard for traffic laws.

Even if the operator of a vehicle is doing everything right, an automobile accident can be unavoidable if the vehicle has a defect that leads to a collision. Even if a defect in an automobile does not cause a collision, it can mean more serious injuries or even the death of someone involved in the accident. Examples of this could be seatbelts that break easily in a crash, cars that tend to roll over, airbags that fail to deploy, faulty breaks. The list can go on and on. In the event that any such things causes a collision or causes injuries or death in a collision, the vehicles manufacturer is liable. If it is determined that the defect was due to a faulty repair made to the vehicle, then the mechanic who made the repair is liable.

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